• The Sweetest Thing ( Suryadi & Rosalyne )
    The Sweetest Thing ( Suryadi & Rosalyne )

    The sweetest thing I've ever known Was like the kiss on the collarbone Soft caress of happiness The way you walk, your style of dress I wish I didn't get so weak Ooo, baby,…
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  • Vitamin Sea & You ( Monico & Shierly )
    Vitamin Sea & You ( Monico & Shierly )

    I think theres no better place for an pre wedding session than a beach. Its beautiful at any time, romantic and you will have a great time there! Ive prepared my current favourite pre…
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  • Call Me Irresistible
    Call Me Irresistible

    I loved you first: but afterwards your love Outsoaring mine, sang such a loftier song As drowned the friendly cooings of my dove. Which owes the other most? my love was long, And yours…
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  • Henry & Christine
    Henry & Christine

    Japan is truly the best country with a balance between tradition and culture mixed with the new and modern. There are so many locations across this amazing city to tell the most perfect love…
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  • Vincent & Erika Wedding Day
    Vincent & Erika Wedding Day

    What drawn Vincent into falling in love with Erika? It is her angelic smile. Indeed she has a very soothing smile, a smile that will make you feel that everything is going to be…
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  • Yongke & Anjela Wedding Day
    Yongke & Anjela Wedding Day

    Off to Bandung we all went to attend/capturing our favorite and not to mentioned the kindest couple Yongke and Anjela. I have a good feeling that their wedding is going to be somewhat different,…
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  • Do You Believe In Magic? ( Luther & Angela )
    Do You Believe In Magic? ( Luther & Angela )

    Be swept away by the romance of Icelandic winter. Iceland in the wintertime is simply magical. From the soothing geothermal waters in the crisp arctic nights to the dazzling northern lights above, it is…
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  • Cant Take My Eyes of You ( Very & Stenny )
    Cant Take My Eyes of You ( Very & Stenny )

    You're just too good to be true I can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold You so much At long last love has arrived And I…
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  • Anton & Livia Wedding
    Anton & Livia Wedding

    This couple is the definition of meant for each other. I first got to know them during their pre wedding session in Melbourne and now finally we are able to share with you their…
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  • Ryan & Sylvia
    Ryan & Sylvia

    Id reckon no one in this world is the same, even the identical twin has their own quirks and personality. So, it is still amuse me on how two different individuals can overcome their…
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  • Aldi & Sally Wedding Day
    Aldi & Sally Wedding Day

    The more I stare at these images from Aldi and Sally wedding, the more Im convinced that wedding in Bali will never go out of style. With the charming sunset their backdrops, not to…
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  • Donny & Agnes Wedding Day
    Donny & Agnes Wedding Day

    The signs of love, should be as clear as when you look into a mirror. - Unknown Everyone during the wedding always pray hard that it would be the best day of the couple…
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  • William & Airin Wedding Day
    William & Airin Wedding Day

    To clasp you now and feel your head close-pressed, Scented and warm against my beating breast; To whisper soft and quivering your name, And drink the passion burning in your frame; To lie at…
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  • Boby & Ruth Wedding Day
    Boby & Ruth Wedding Day

    The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave To the dark and the endless skies…
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  • My Heart & You ( Kevin & Natasha )
    My Heart & You ( Kevin & Natasha )

    Ive been doing what I'm doing now for almost a decade. Ive seen cherry blossom blooms for almost every year and Im quite blessed to be given this opportunities in life. Im proud to…
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