Past. Present. Future
are the main ingredients for beautiful memories.
Preserved with sophistication and bounded by passion,
here at PPF we appreciate the finer things in life.

Creating personalized memories captured on your
special days is one of those pleasures. We promise exclusivity,
privacy and a quality beyond comparison.

Be it sumptuous pre wedding pictures, regal personal
portraits or exquisite family photographs.

With us, you will always come first place.


Forever young at heart, Stanley Allan is a man of passion & pursuit.

An award winning photographer, Stanley relentlessly chasing his dream far and wide, he went to New York to study and work with photographer icons. Since then traveling, seeing different cultures and meeting new people has been a constant source of inspirations for him. From the wilderness of Botswana, remoteness of Sahara Desert, historical landscape of Patagonia, to the world's last frontier Antarctica, these visions came into play while capturing the dynamics of the couples & families who had traveled with him.
He also shoots regularly for leading editorial publications such as Harpers Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Marie Claire, Amica and Dewi Magazine among many others.

As himself has said, "Through my camera. I tried to capture the best qualities unseen by the naked eyes."