Stanley Allan
06 July 2016

Donny & Agnes Wedding Day


The signs of love, should be as clear as when you look into a mirror. - Unknown

Everyone during the wedding always pray hard that it would be the best day of the couple lives and it truly was. To have a day to celebrate our love for each other with all of the people we love the most in this world is an indescribable experience. I will never forget the sensation on taking photo at the new Fairmont for the first time. when I came around the corner and saw the minimalist and modern layout of the hotel and the juxtaposition of garden theme selected by Donny and Agnes. Nothing is perfect but it was a perfect for them and set the tone for a truly magical evening.

It is important to making sure your wedding doesnt go out of control. Above all else, the most important thing that day will be your ATTITUDE. The energy you give off will be emulated by others. If you are stressed, frustrated, or angry, those around you will feel it and take on the same emotion. Again, yes, things will go wrong, and when youve invested so much into this one day, its hard not to be affected by it. But weddings are a lot of work, and all those involved are doing their best to make it perfect for you. So be gracious and kind to everyone who helps make the day possible. And remember when it comes down to it, youre there to marry the person you love. So be happy that you get to! Be humbled by the fact that everyone present is there for you. Take in all of the joy and love; it will radiate through you, and you will undoubtedly be your most beautiful self on your wedding day.

Once again I would like to thank Donny and Agnes, my dear friend whom I go long way back, for letting me to be part of your special day. May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.

Stanley Allan
The End