21 October 2016

Yongke & Anjela Wedding Day


Off to Bandung we all went to attend/capturing our favorite and not to mentioned the kindest couple Yongke and Anjela. I have a good feeling that their wedding is going to be somewhat different, but or course a good kind of different. I was mesmerized to be greeted by Anjela's squad all dress up in suits snd tie. The first one that I witness, and I love the juxtaposition between the demure bride and the cool aspect of woman wearing a suit. Truthfully those ladies enjoy it better as they can move freely to aid their best friend on their special day. Moving on to the impeccable details, Anjela opt for one of s kind wedding dress with "wild" details and amazing silhouette, im sure you will be as impressed as us when you see it by yourself. Everything moving like a blink of an eye when you are having fun, and that what we felt during their reception. They are a vision of a soulmate, two individual who loves and respect each other that their surrounding including us can feel their good energy. Indeed we still cant move on from their epic wedding celebration and it will be a crime not to share it with all of you out there. Have a great weekend lovebirds :)
Cheers, Dave

Wedding Gown: Yefta Gunawan
Makeup & Hair: Andreas Zhu
Decor: Lotus
Wedding Organizer: Tomodachi
The End