23 October 2016

Vincent & Erika Wedding Day


What drawn Vincent into falling in love with Erika? It is her angelic smile. Indeed she has a very soothing smile, a smile that will make you feel that everything is going to be okay. Her calm and sweet personality will makes anybody else fall in love for her, and Vincent is the lucky one that put a ring on her. It is true the most intense and stressful moment for a wedding photographer, well especially for me is during the Holy Matrimony. Somehow I can feel some kind of enormous energy in the room, a sacred one whom giving the couple a blessing. Also their vow is something that I look forward to. Most couple especially the groom are usually not good with words when it comes to expressing their feelings, but on this day they managed to say something sweet to their future wife. That emotion is something that I wish my photos could delivered it. One of the weddings that I adore is the one like Vincent and Erika. I especially liked the feel in it. It was warm, intimate and everything goes naturally, without any pressure from time, family or the couple themselves. I liked that it wasnt too crowded or filled with tons of wedding to do. It felt comfortable and easy and that is how love should be celebrated. Congratulation to Vincent & Erika, to find true love and to share one dream is a blessing. May you have many happy years together!
Cheers, Surya
The End