Stanley Allan
18 March 2017

Steven & Craviana


It wasnt love at the first sight for Craviana, that was I heard from them. But Steven is so determined to acquire the companionship that he is longing for and fight for it. Flowers, never ending annoying text, attention and showing a kind man he is slowly tamed Cravianas wall, long story short the girl who wasnt sure about this man is finally saying yes and they were happily married since January this year. London and Scotland was picked for their pre wedding photos. Why? Why not, none of them been there and browsing through the scenery we feel that it suited their personal style, a mixture between sweet, preppy with a touch of understated cool vibe. It was all fun and very chill session I have with these two, they dont take things too seriously and it felt as in Im their part of their group of friends that happened to be the only one who brings the camera. Moral of the story is sometimes love doesnt come instantly, it takes time and extra convincing. But when it does make sure you cherish it. Hope their love story inspired all of you to stay in love or perhaps keep on pursuing. Congratulation to #stevenvinlegit, heres a little something to start your life together. Cheers, Stanley Allan
The End