21 March 2017

Hendry & Melissa


Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Some couples who are in a long distance relationships experience more intimacy and satisfaction. Hence there is a saying of distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case of #HendryMelissa the distance doesnt stop their love, it elevates their relationship and they made it into the final stage of tying the knot. The story begun when Hendry was about to continue his study overseas, he met Melissa this gorgeous junior of his. Within a week they fell in love and become an item. They continue their relationship through social media. Once both of them finished their study and returned back home, they still had to endure a long distance relationship between Jakarta and Surabaya. Proposing was on Hendrys mind for quite sometimes, so when the moment is right he proposed to Melissa to end their long distance once for all. They decided on Bali because they wanted a relaxing photo session and lets face it Bali ROCKS. Melissa has been smiling from ear to ear since sunrise till sunset, and it is so easy for me to see why Hendry fell for her in the first place and no matter how far they are separated, her smile can bring him right to the moment when they are together. True loves will always find their way, and Im forever grateful to be a part of this enchanted journey of two individual who gladly risk it all to be with each other through good and bad times. Congratulation again to Hendry & Melissa, you can finally be on each other side forever. Cheers, Surya
The End