Stanley Allan
22 March 2017

Michael & Natasya


Michael and Natasya is a dream couple, they are gorgeous, have great taste in clothes, wine and food too, kind and effortlessly cool without even have to try. During our first meeting Tasya wishes to do her pre wedding during winter time, as they both are ski fanatic who has been all over the world to feed on their adventurous side. So whether you would dare to wear a dress, or you would rather bundle up in your favourite coat, what matters is you taking time to look deeply at each other and embracing the one you love. The white plushy snow resulted in some seriously dreamy pre wedding photos for the lovely Michael and Natasya. Our favourite one will be the behind the scene as Michael snuggle against each other in the wintry background. At the moment this duo is on their honeymoon trip to hunt for good food, great wine and enjoying their new title. The best part of life is sharing yourself with someone you love, congratulation to Michael & Natasya, May today be just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together. Cheers, Stanley Allan
The End