Stanley Allan
22 March 2017

The Wedding of Kevin & Natasha


Having to spend few days with this fun and bubbly couple in Japan makes this journey more meaningful for us. They might look fierce and glamorous but the truth is they just like two silly teenagers who are madly in love. Kevin's story or jokes never fails to lights up Sasha's face every single time. Morning preparation usually filled with anxious and tense moment from both side but at Sasha's compound the air screams joy, giddy and excitement to be able to have her best friend to be by your side forever. Wrapped in one of a kind dress by the maestro Elie Saab, Sasha is beyond ready to meet Kevin. Few relationship tips that we learned from this duo are: - The way to any mans heart is through their stomach - Dont take things too seriously - Pause, observe and create mental image of the moment or anything that makes you happy from each other We will not bore you with more words now and without further a do let us present to you the journey of Mr. & Mrs Sumali. Have a great week ahead and dont forget to check the rest of our latest update. #kevinsasha2016

Stanley Allan

Wedding Gown: Elie Saab
Makeup & Hair: Susy Kleo
Decor: Stupa Caspea
Wedding Organizer: MKE
The End