Stanley Allan
30 March 2017

Danny & Ivonne


The very first time I met Danny; I was wondering why such a gorgeous and classy lady like Ivonne could fall into with this loud and annoying guy. But slowly as I get to know them through our trip to the Arctic Circle and the humidity or Mediterranean Sea, I can finally see his kind and sincere heart, persistent effort to keep Ivonne happy and comfortable and he did it with great humour and jokes that is definitely melted Ivonne's heart. We always encourage our couple to share with us their personal story, what is their likes and dislikes to make their photo as personal and memorable for them. After all this is your story to be capture and share with generation ahead on how the both of you fall in love and did the most courages thing by making it an official matters. Here are Danny and Ivonnes story. One fine lady with a great sense of style, who knows what she likes and most important thing willing to go the extra miles to collaborate with our stylist to create a series of great photos. At the end of this trip, I extended my trip to go and explore an unknown city with them and I learned one thing that is 'never judge a book by its cover. Because behind our outer self image, lies a great persona that might just be a complete different person. I'm utterly grateful to get to know this extravagant couple and i cant wait to see more of them in the future. Congratulations to Danny & Ivonne, best wishes for a fun-filled future together.

Cheers, Stanley Allan
The End