04 April 2017

The Wedding of Baim & Ria


I dont know who are more nervous, the couple who are about to get married, or us the wedding vendors. Why? because for me being a wedding photographer I need to make sure I capture all the moments as we know all the things can become blur to the happy couple, and our images can help them relieve those magical moments. And to be honest we are not allowed to make mistakes as we cant undo this right? :) As years gone by i witness how all of our couple are much more smart and sophisticated. They really know what the want, they did their browsing right and hence more and more couple feel more relax during their wedding day as they know they picked the right one. Looking back at Baim & Rias wedding I realised something on almost all the images we took all we have is them and of course their family smiling from ear to ear. Rare to be honest to find such a lovely tight knit family and couple who are as smiley as them. Stripping down all the exterior of having a glamorous wedding theme, Baim and Ria is just two individual who promised to be each other shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on and they are certain life will be beautiful and glorious when they are in it together. Lots of love today and beyond, congratulation to Baim and Ria.

Cheers, Dave
The End