04 April 2017

The Wedding of Vincent & Listia


Everything with the word first are always exciting and memorable. From the first date, first love or the first time that I have to write this testament for my first couple in Bali. Well, this is not my first wedding, Ive been following PPFs associate photographer for a while, mostly weddings in grand ballroom, so when Im given my first wedding in Bali, I was over the moon. I dont think there are any things that I dont like from Bali wedding. Call me hopeless romantic but the air screams love in the most purest way. There is no over the top lighting, grand chandelier that sometimes can be intimidating or lavish decoration that makes it too festive. I'm a simple man, so I will choose intimate rustic wedding at any given time. During Vincent and Listia wedding I can take my time admiring the small details that has been prepared by Listia, the relaxed vibe oozes from both of them as I know they all surrounding by their dearest. Intimate at its best is the one thing that comes to my mind reminiscing their wedding and the perfect weather makes it all seems so perfect. I will not bore you any longer, so hopefully you can be inspired and feel the loved between them as it did to me. Thank you to Vincent and Listia to let me be part of your special day, we are so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you booth.

Cheers, Sajin
The End