Stanley Allan
08 April 2017

Tony & Debby


As I'm writing this I'm about to take off to my annual trip to Japan. Some might say it is easier to work with your best friend as you already know their character but for me it turns out to be one of the most challenges photo session because at one point instead of me working, we end up bursting in laughter. It gets a little bit awkward to direct Debby in front of my camera because I have known her for a while now and shes is always been a humble and nice lady with a great purpose in life and as one of her close friend all I want to do is give her once in a lifetime experience. So, when she's finally finding her own prince charming, some of us just wondering if he's the right man for her. Tony is a man with his own character and although its not always a smooth sailing ride in the beginning, through all the thunder and obstacles they finally found their same frequency. Tony managed to steal our dearest friend's heart whom so many before him have failed. Lets raise our glass and cheers to the new it couple of Tony and Debby.

Cheers, Stanley Allan
The End