08 May 2017

Ronald & Natalia


If you are clueless on what type of pre wedding photo you wish to have, where to begin, or you have no idea what type of couple you are, what you need to do is breathe, then do your research by browsing through the internet, wedding magazine or perhaps listen to your favourite tunes to begin with. If you've ever looked up engagement photo inspiration, you've undoubtedly seen some of the same types of pictures over and over, thats the type of style you mostly like. Its easy to understand why a couple would want gorgeous and ethereal pre wedding photos. After all, theyve decided to spend their lives together and thats pretty romantic.As for me nothing says more romantic than a day or two in the snow. The snow flakes always represents the fresh and pure start of everything. It reminds me of snuggle, the warmth of fireplace and the feel of love. Ronald and Natalia is like two in a pod, they have a thing for traveling around the world, as I go through their instagram feed, all I can see is them posing romantically from one continent into another. Another fascinating thing about them is their love for their family, they are not embarrassed to share one two hugs and kisses to their parents who patiently waiting for their photo session. Instead of just the two of them, they make this session as a family affair, as they know after the wedding day they are no longer can be as close and as attached as they used to be. Let these pictures inspired us all, and restore our memory and the feelings of being in love. Not only to our spouse, but to our family, friends and everyone surrounds you.

Cheers, Dave
The End