Stanley Allan
25 August 2017

Marwin & Stephanie


It is true after several years of creating memories and taking photos around the world at one point it feels rather wearisome, but recently I just met up with one of our previous groom by accident, and he brought back that umph back in me. The meeting was rather awkward and he is a man with few words, but out of nowhere he was saying he really loves all this photos that we took, and he said his wedding went by like a flash and he didnt noticed anything until the album. He also added that when they got into heated arguments looking back to those photos really warms his heart and it makes the whole fight is shorter :-). Honestly the best compliment I received by far. It makes me realize that the whole gruesome preparation, being out door in heated or blizzard weather, delays and missing out family events seems worth it. We are actually creating a memory in someones life that hopefully can be pass on forever. Here are the tale of Marwin & Stephanie. Couple with flair and style like no other. They came to us, shared with us the style and photo concept they want to have and here are our masterpiece collaboration together. Congratulation on tying the knot, and be sure to check the rest of their journey through #myvwsayido.

Cheers, Stanley Allan
The End