26 August 2017

The Wedding of Hendry & Melissa


There is no such thing as the perfect wedding, but if i may share few insider tips based on my experienced so far it will be: - Have an open and honest discussion with your other half starting from the theme, budget, and make a solid plan around it. - Instead of browsing about the current trend, or busy looking at other couple's wedding, why not start with making list of things you like and dislike and choose your vendor accordingly. - Always find time for date night with no wedding talk allowed, because it can get tense and stressful along the way. - Dont sweat on small things, because the most important thing will be your life after the wedding celebration. - Smile, have faith and let your chosen vendors take control on the day. Your job is done and what you need to do is taking mental pictures and cherish the feelings of celebrating your new life, receiving new family and live out the rest of your life with the feelings of falling madly in love. I believe Hendry and Melissa did their planning well as they are one of the most relax and lovely couple i work with. Congratulation to the new Mr & Mrs Sutiono. May you fall in love with each other every day of the rest of your life.

Cheers, Surya

Wedding Gown: Yefta Gunawan
Makeup & Hair: Priscilla Myrna
The End